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When I was 5 years old I told my mom I would never have children and 13 years later I still think the same. But I won’t say I will never have kids, because why should I restrict myself like that?

Even though I might think maybe one kid would do, but I don’t think I could handle two. And of course we have to have twin genes in my family, so the risk of getting twins is huge. Whoopie.

My best friend once said that she could imagine me as a aunt who dresses funnily and takes kids to fun places. She said that when she has children she wants me to come over and influence my sense of humor on them, which kinda warms my heart to hear.

So after that every now and then an image pops in to my mind, me as a single mother with the cutest twins ever. I don’t think it’s sad that I can imagine the kids, but not someone to be there beside me. I guess the fact that my mom was a single parent has something to do with this (and me being as I am). I just feel like we would function better as a family with just me as the parent and adding someone else just feels weird and wrong.